The Worst July on Record (Demo)

by Your Heart Breaks



New demo jam. Garageband and a USB mic. July 29, 2016.


It was the worst July on record
We lost a dear dear friend to cancer
then some suicides right after
Shook the scene right to the rafters

We all huddled close together
Sweating out the liquor
Arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder
We sang songs about departure

Thre was a wrinkle in the fabric
We all saw each other older
Time and space it did collapse
And I was leaning on your shoulder

The music it was loud
There's was not much one could say
in a sarcastic voice i said too loud,
lets listen to this crappy band play

Oh distractions

The pool the beach the fire

The late nights spent talking

C# B A
the early morning sun

oh distractions
the beer the weed desire

call all your old friends
make sure they’re not alone

The heat it was oppression
And the world was even worse
cops were killing in the streets
in clubs there were gay massacres

And the media just loved it
but it made all of us sick
All the murder of black people
Trans women, the innocent

we’re dog piled in the hotel room
we won’t sleep alone tonight
The tvs on I’m kinda drunk
theres no relief in sight

tomorrow another memorial
another fallen friend
all i can think, this is to much
holy hell just fuck this shit


released July 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Your Heart Breaks Seattle, Washington


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