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The Wrack Line

by Your Heart Breaks

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At the Corner of Dude and Party At the corner of dude and party What was it I was trying to find? It was some sort of freedom, that notebook with numbers To every punk house and every land line At the corner of dude and party What was it you were trying to prove? With a spiral-bound atlas and printouts from Mapquest And half-baked directions from interstate exits To the corner of dude and party What is it that you can recall? As we wore down the tread from our touring paths From the co-ops to shows to the places we’d crash As we ran from the truths of our traumatic pasts As you stumbled through words I couldn’t quite grasp At the corner of dude and party How did we live with such ease? And we spent time so freely like it would never pass Like we’d always be lost boys with elaborate plans and meet me At the corner of dude and party
Snow Dusted Ponies Here we traced all the tracks and the treads of your teens Felt the wind on your face as you skated the sheet Here we followed a fox as it danced in high beams Watched the sun crack the sky behind a snow covered peak Here you howled at the top of your lungs as we flew Up the side of the mountain to the overlook view Where I held on white-knuckled scared to open my eyes As you took us all rattin’ for the very first time And I understood what you were trying to say About life in a northern town and the way It can hold you, haunt you, live in the veins And you’ll keep coming back when it whispers your name Here you paced the floor like a wild caged beast Here you looked to the sky and just longed to be free Here you dreamt of a city by the shores of the sea And you counted the days til you could finally leave Here stood the ghost of a feeling you knew That somewhere out “there” were others like you And yeah you escaped but were you ever free Because all roads lead back to your first memories To the sound of fresh snow as it cracked under feet or the ravens who huddled on lamp posts for heat Or the snow dusted ponies on the side of the road Searching for the fresh grass though its 40 below For the feel of the word you say “family” For the stories you write to hold your history For your love letters written to the hurt, to the fear To the ways you always say just what I need to hear
These Old Haunts It’s all gone dull again, he said Lit another cigarette The revolution’s come and gone And we’ve been left to carry on Struggle struggle find a way To earn a little less each day See a ghost on every corner As your memories replay In these old haunts ¬¬¬ I’ve been thinking about getting Even deeper into nothing Or just stopping before starting In my dreams I’m always quitting Talk about hard travel Shit we’ve toured some infernos That would send Dante remolding The halls of his 9th circle In these old haunts We’ve had punishers and jinglers and nibblers and ringelers You might ask, what are all those, Well when you know, you know, you know It’s one part energy vampire Two parts master of disguise And three parts just sheer force of will Til suddenly they’re on the bill Your cell phones out of data The hummus has gone missing Their ukuleles strumming Just as you had dreamt of sleeping In these old haunts Stuffy nose and frozen toes and greenroom couches full of mold The perfect place to take a poo was the old Adelphi loo Black light poster covered walls Dragons chasing waterfalls Just when you start feeling right The feedback’s cutting through the night Dreams of climbing endless stairs With 20 tons of merch and gear Getting stuck in elevators It’s so nice to see you, see you later In these old haunts Now hold on tight folks save some film Surprises here in every room Sights and smells yet to behold On each ride through the Underworld Welcome up onto the stage Your tour guide for this next phase Should you dare to meet his gaze Bewitching spells he’ll cast your way In these old haunts The city’s bones, the old town soul is built from sentiments we stole And bought and borrowed Swapped for free The city aches like you or me These photobooks so steeped in gloom These visions of ourselves in bloom The dust that follows borrowed youth Hounds to the heals in hot pursuit This ancient space of raging ghosts And memories from long-gone homes Though you may cast an altered tale All truths in time will be revealed In these old haunts Not to say there weren’t good times and even better oldies But for sure the hardest moments Left the chill of Satan on me We can laugh about it now But there were moments of pure hell And we used to play a game What’s worse than where we are right now? I’d say “19th century chimney sweep in downtown London” I’d say “coal miner on strike, it’s snowing and he’s freezing” And for a moment we’d fall silent, lost in self reflection Then out would come the sharpies to add new dicks to the collection In these old haunts The city owes you something The city breaks your heart Remember all your old haunts Remember where it starts
Slowly Like Strangers You were never really mine And I was never really yours We sang together for a time Shared the chorus, split the verse At night it was a dream The whole world would slip away But tell me now, what is there to hold onto When the sun comes up and you step off the stage Slowly like strangers, we slipped into silence like most lost lovers, went our separate ways Lovelorn and seeking some sort of solace reviewing the wreckage, recounting the days We were victims of sirens singing some old tune long overplayed crashed into the rocks together holding each other, sinking from the weight I was never really yours you were never really mine Now that an ocean divides us I can feel you fading with the sands of time Slowly like strangers we slipped into silence like forgotten photos from bygone days Seasick and seeking some sort of solace Lost in these loves we were bound to betray
Mile by Mile To wander down the roads of what should, could or might have been To ponder possibilities, the left, the held, the in-between To grieve, to hold, to morn the loss, these visions of ourselves Set in silence, forbidden, through the years they howl And mile by mile Hour by hour Lover by lover You learned in time, you learned in time Oh potential energy Oh visions of past selves Oh you psychic ghosts, you should have beens, you wish you wells You patterns that do play upon the water in moonlight You rainbow in the prism in the darkest part of night And mile by mile Hour by hour Lover by lover You learned in time, you learned in time You learned in time, That it doesn't get better it just gets more complicated And everything you thought you knew you learned it on TV Start to see the little things and the bigger picture clears You haven't been yourself for years So it doesn't get worse but it sure gets convoluted The mirror's gonna lie to you, the world is going to burn And when you beat your oppressor you have to face yourself You'll learn to love your inner child and put him on the shelf
Wesley Crusher I saw you staring into space trying to solve for an equation What was E when MC squared was all your parents’ expectations? When the cameras and the lights and the crew all fade away We could see that Will and Wesley they were one in the same Mr. Indigo child Mr. Natural born nerd Mr. Late nights in the lab Mr. Screw the grading curve Wesley Crusher, Child wonder Wesley Crusher, Under pressure Wesley Crusher, What’s your answer? Down in southern California I was tapping on my TV Sending signals through the static hoping that you might just hear me Filtered through the subspace incoming transmissions Past the cleverly disguised ceremonial rhythms Mr. Lock onto my signal Mr. One to beam aboard Mr. Save me from my family Dear Wesley, what you waiting for? I saw you peering through the portal naming every constellation You were looking for the logic in a fucked-up situation Stuck between your true desires and your parents’ expectations Lost in feelings of your future, trying to solve for the equation
And Just Like That, Life as You Knew it Ended And just like that, life as you knew it ended You were coughing at the sink When the weight of everything took your feet I was waiting to leave When one more pebble brought me to my knees At the bottom there is doubt More anger in the silence than the shouts I know I wasn’t here for most of our good years I’m with you now You pulled me from the corner Swaying with the music at our feet I held you a thousand mornings Til the diamonds fell away from our rings We’ve been awful. Sigh. Found the bottom, said goodnight to all the moonlight we could stand. Bed.
Peter and David Peter and David on Avenue A Heading for the Lower East Side Cigarettes, coffee, a can of spray paint A stencil of a house on fire The sun was just setting, the men were just waking Manhattan skyline, the city unfolding Up all night Every night There they search for Saint Sebastian Home so unforgiving, each with his own reason To set out from the suburbs, for grey and gritty pastures A third-shift busboy, the back-beat of the bass drum The men who look at you like they own your every atom Oh just for one night to stand within your presence To wander through your piers, to get lost in your darkness To weave between the hustlers and the queens and the trade To feel the fire in your belly, as you set the world ablaze
Island Maniacs Riding sidesaddle by the western waves Swimming in the water of a moonlit lake Peering at the Perseids from your bedroom Staying up all night and sleeping in ‘til noon We could ride the island road in circles all day Stop and search for agates in the usual place Or tumble through the tide to the empty stretch of beach Where there’s no one else around just the sand and sea The way I feel about you I can’t explain Between the mystery and the magic and the day to day Getting stranger by the minute getting weirder by the year I’m just happy counting grains of sand with you dear Let’s ride the Tommy Thompson through the Salish Sea To the train car on the island by the old refinery Or drive along the 20 and just see where it leads Through the farms through the fields, counting all the snow geese Later we can leave a trail out in the yard Apples from a neighbors’ nearby farm Then spying through the window what do we see A pair of baby fawns that were born this spring
In My Own Time Do you ask yourself each day What am I doing with my life? Do you ask yourself each day What am I doing? What is an island but a break in the ocean An invitation to a changing of tides What is a lifetime but a series of questions An eternal hunt to find what’s inside What am I doing with my life? What am I doing? Is there something in the way? Were you invited? Are you underneath the waves? Feeling divided? Is there are reason for your current situation? Is it a vacuum or a mass vibration? Long is the night such a place to ponder Mute the loop before it drags you under What am I doing? In my own time I want to do it the right way How can I do it the right way? In my own time
Like You’ve Always Been Do you remember feeling hopeful Like the world was open wide We couldn’t wait to travel it For our turn on the ride We drove all night to places That our maps would scarcely show And lifted up our voices To the midnight radio I still think about those moments When the walls are closing in And you are still beside me now Like you’ve always been Yeah, I recall when basement shows were like our second home A brand-new world that somehow recreated all we’d known And in the hum of summer Underneath the streetlights’ glow We circled blocks and questions In search of all we longed to know My favorite time, long walks at night well after the shows end And you are still beside me now Like you’ve always been A chorus of cicadas, they sang us home each night Our secrets shared only in code, through blinking fireflies I still hold onto that feeling, the way I felt back then With you I knew I was enough, and that I’d always been We used to look up to the stars and wonder what made them shine We couldn’t see that what they had Was also yours and mine
Same Old Story I learned early The price of difference I learned early Not to stand out in the crowd I learned early To keep quiet So on the back of the bus I turned my headphones up and I’m drowning out the world Cause I was 8 years old when I first heard the word faggot A late bloomer I know but I guess it had to happen Up ‘til then I was just fucking lost in the girls’ bathroom Limpwristed and lacking language for the world I lived in At that very moment it was 1989, there was no internet, no dial up America On-line The shit you learned in schoolyard was the truth above all other Cause it trickled down through word of mouth from friends with older brothers Now that I’m a Twinkle, that’s an older wiser Twink I feel sorry for the parts of me, that were taught those things My inner Christian Slater’s on pirate radio yelling “fuck this shitty system, let’s burn down the world” Same old story she said what’s the use of tears Same old questions like how did we end up here We’ve been going round in circles all these years Barely breathing beneath all were taught to fear So I took refuge in rock and roll and alcohol and rupture where libertarian entitled boys posed as counter culture thought I found myself but what I found was always so afraid disaffected, down, dejected was the pattern to the play It was still so hard to name against the claim of anarchism With pizza party t-shirts and that transgressive rhythm The politics of shame run deep, even punk scenes have confines to keep It had me questioning my commitment to collectivism Now I have some hindsight I can finally start to see The ways I was put down became the ways that I saw me world so structured by elite white male insider attitudes Our collective power is always working to include
Queer Fire Sullivan was right when he said he'd die like the men That he spent his whole life loving, still they’d never understand Just like Halston he’d been hunting for the feel of the unknown Far beyond the mortal coil in a world all of his own Speak to me Of burning desire Of burning desire I dreamt a bathhouse full of bodies all much different than my own A language of desire a new world we scarcely know In the light that shows the distance a new the space for us to grow I used to be ashamed I’m learning to let go Speak to me Of burning desire Breathe with me In primal desire Ancient whisper mirror show the one Self-satisfaction burning like a thousand suns Down to ember hazy afterglow Stoke body back to blaze In a sensual tableau Speak to me Of burning desire Breathe with me In primal desire Can’t quench the Queer fire
The Nothing 02:20
The Nothing You were more like the novel Well after the movie ends Just a wild-eyed dreamer Who wished a single grain of sand You were drawn to the darkness It’s just the way you’ve always been Between the Nothing and Forever We hoped The Nothing would never win But I can see you Standing in the front row, singing every song Fists up to the sky your heart beat with the drums You were Zero to 100, a stunning speed of light You were pushing past the darkness just to feel alive And you and me, we go way back To another storyline We were just a couple kids then Going to the show each night But I can feel you Bending like a Reed going wild in the wind Cracking tons of jokes and messing with your friends With the Auryn round your neck, playing hero again You were bearing all the burden and you wouldn’t let us in Now we’re calling out your name But it won’t do any good And now we’re sifting through the sorrow Cause we all understood That you were drawn to the darkness It’s just the way you’ve always been Between the Nothing and Forever You knew The Nothing would someday win You were drawn to the darkness It’s just the way you’ve always been Between the Nothing and Forever We hoped the Nothing would never win
Rattlesnake Lake Rattlesnake Lake in early early summer I was floating on my back like a baby otter Old growth forest emerging from the water Why does it feel like I've known you forever? Bombing down the mountain Born to Run is screaming I-90 west just another homecoming Man I got so stoned I could feel my body glowing Gigi said “no man, that just your aura showing” I got a strange strange feeling today Trading molecules for psychic waves I got a strange strange feeling today Parallel lives running in one space Longing for a life lived a little less lonely Cast a single spell and you could look right though me Baby I'm a mountain you can see me for miles I got a real wild side and I cast a wicked shadow How do molecules find their way together? So that we can have ice cream and experimental records You said something about how it all comes back to Michael I pictured him shredding violin in the cosmos Word is a 4-letter fuck and now he’s shredding Sunshine is out on the lake and were swimming Time is just a concept in which we are all traveling Forwards and backwards in the same moment
Do You Dare to Dream with Me? Face to face left so many questions And what is truth but a matter of time Left to live in the uncertain Searching for signals and asking for signs Do you dare to dream with me? I felt safe and I felt seen It was new and it was strange Yet the only guarantee Impermanence and change Do you dare to dream with me? Maybe there’s no meaning to be made I’m here You’re here Impossible Possible
Where Rejects Reign Well I searched for myself as I poured over pages Of ManDate and Rough Trade, the old magazines Instead what I found was a fire, a fury An anger that grew with a sure certainty That no time and no place would exist in this life Where a body like mine would truly be free So I drag and I swish through the dangers untold I dream in XXX theater late night picture shows Where the lonely and lustful and rejected reign Where the shadow meets shadow in the dark alleyway Send me a sign or send me a sin or set me free from this earthy burden When I am dust Let the test pattern play Let the signal go static In a long slow fade Meet me in shadow Or meet me in memory Meet me across the river Where I am free I studied each John and I prayed to Divine I walked the path of all the elders similarly inclined I found the price of living in the somewhere in between Is the loneliness the comes with never truly being seen But the road is long, who needs sleep When I’ve got miles to go before I dream


In the summer of 2022, the Your Heart Breaks studio band, made up of Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson from the band LAKE and Katherine Paul from Black Belt Eagle Scout, gathered at the Unknown Studio in Anacortes, Washington with producer Nicholas Wilbur to record the songs that would eventually become The Wrack Line.

On planet Earth, the wrack line is a collection of organic material and debris left behind on the shore after a high tide. Walking the wrack you’ll find kelp, seagrass, shells, driftwood, dead sea creatures, agates, remnants of humanity and, once in a while, secret treasures thrown overboard from a container ship caught in a storm. Clyde Petersen’s The Wrack Line holds true to this natural phenomenon–a summation of the past few years, a lifetime of friendships, feelings and memories, broken free of a gyre and left upon the artists’ shoreline. The album was written as a collaborative effort between Petersen, occasionally known as Your Heart Breaks, and a slew of many special guests across the world. These songs were created through numerous exchanges of concepts, hooks, riffs, and emotional conversations, processed through tin-can telephones, carrier pigeons, twilight dreams, and shooting stars. Take your shoes off and walk the beach.


released July 7, 2023


all rights reserved



Your Heart Breaks Washington

Your Heart Breaks is a queer Northwest band. Originally founded by Clyde Petersen in Bellingham, Washington in 1999, Your Heart Breaks has toured the world for over 25 years as both a solo performer and a large ensemble. Their new album comes out on Kill Rock Stars in 2023. ... more

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